What is Sukuk?

Sukuk Variations

Sukuk Structures

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In the simplest sense, Sukuk are certificates of entitlement in equal value that are issued for an underpinning asset to raise capital. It can also include usufruct, services, capital investment in certain projects and/or investment activities and must meet strict Shari’ah compliance.

Ijarah Sukuk - securitised ownership of a leased asset.

Equity based Sukuk - used to create new projects, develop existing projects and finance business activity based on a partnership structure.

Sale based Sukuk - funding for purchase of assets from supplier to be sold at a deferred price.

  1. Identification of assets to be securitised.

  2. Creation of the SPV.

  3. Transfer of assets to the SPV.

  4. Issuance of certificates in exchange for proceeds.

  5. Lease of the assets back to the seller.

  6. Periodic payments to investors where there is income.

  7. Termination of SPV at maturity and return of capital back to Sukuk note holders.

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